If you’re planning to renew your kitchen in the near future then you’re in luck...

"Discover the Incredibly Simple Way to Create Your Own Professional Kitchen Design in Just 15 Minutes…"

…Using Nothing More Than

Microsoft® Word

Who would have thought that this humble word processing program could create highly detailed, accurate kitchen plans that you or your fitter could work from? Well, it’s true and in a minute I’ll show you how.

Dear 'First-Time Kitchen Designer',

Your kitchen is perhaps the most important room in the house – the heart of the home, if you like.  It’s essential then, that it’s designed in a way that’s not only pleasing on the eye, but safe, practical and makes best use of the space available.

Besides the bathroom, the kitchen is perhaps the single most influencing room on the value of your house.  Okay, you may not be remodelling your kitchen because you plan to sell it, but having a well thought-out design certainly won’t hurt if you ever do.



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Most people considering a new kitchen will take one of 3 options:

  • The obvious one is to contract the whole job out to a local company and let them deal with it.  While this sounds convenient it is also the most expensive option and the one over which you often have least control in terms of installation and design.  Added to this you may have to endure several encounters with foot-in-the-door salesmen who don’t seem to understand the word “No”.

  • Secondly, you could choose to save some money by going to one of the large DIY chains.  Whilst their prices are often attractive your design and the quality of the advice you’re given may be dictated by a spotty youth who’s enjoying his first ever week of kitchen planning.  However, at least you have the freedom to choose whether you self-fit, contract out to your own tradesman, or rely on the stores recommended fitters.

  • The other option is to source your units and appliances yourself from independent suppliers.  This has the advantage of complete freedom of choice, (usually) quick delivery and value for money.  Going this route allows you to specify every component of your installation without being tied to the styles and manufacturers offered by the other options above. Cost and convenience aside though, you normally have to create a kitchen plan from which to draw up the list of units and appliances needed ... and this is the biggest stumbling block for most of us. 

At last, a quick, easy and fun way for anybody to design their dream kitchen – even if you’ve never done it before.

Even if you’re a kitchen design dummy, I’ve come up with a great way for you to create stunning, useable kitchen layouts - the envy of all your friends - that will add real value to your home.

My new guide, “How to Design Your Perfect Kitchen in Just 15 Minutes Using Microsoft Word” is really 2 books in one. 

Part 1 shows you how to look at your kitchen as a professional would, to create the most effective working triangle and how to arrange your appliances safely and conveniently.

It explains the essential basic layouts you must know to avoid the haphazard ‘scattering’ of units you see in so many homes.  How to accurately measure your room size, then choose appliances and units to fit.

Part 2 then shows you how to set-up Microsoft Word to create a kitchen plan for you or your fitter to work from.  You won’t believe the detail or accuracy you can achieve using this simple program – no complicated computer knowledge necessary!

My brand new guide takes you by the hand from complete novice to competent kitchen designer...

You’d like to design your own kitchen but you’re worried about all the rules and regulations? - Discover the essential safety do’s & don’ts of kitchen planning so you stay on the right side of the Building Regulations

Are you confused by all the kitchen jargon and worry that you’ll order the wrong thing? - If you’ve ever wondered ‘which is which’ between cornice, pelmet & plinth, or what the difference is between a built-in and a built-under double oven, you’ll now know exactly what to ask for with my comprehensive glossary of kitchen terminology.

Would you have changed your old kitchen years ago but couldn’t face dealing with the pushy salesmen? - Now you can create a professional kitchen plan, without having to sit through a 3 hour sales pitch from a foot-in-the-door kitchen designer.

You would have tried sketching out a plan but you’re not sure what goes where. - There are 5 basic kitchen layouts – but do you know which one’s right for you and which will make the best use of available space?  I’ll explain them all.

“I heard someone talking about ‘zones’ and ‘working triangles’ – what’s all that about?” - Learn about the 3 ‘zones’ that all professional kitchen designers have to plan around to create the ideal working triangle.

Did you fail Art at school and don’t know a centimetre from a millimetre? - Instantly know if your intended layout will work in the space that you have available using my simple ‘building block’ system.

You may be desperate to rip out that old kitchen and install the new, but wait! - Uncover the 6 questions you must be able to answer before you even think about designing a new kitchen.

Before you get carried away and fancy yourself as the next Laurence Llewelyn Bowen….Stop!   You don’t have to change everything. - Why changing the kitchen layout in a modern house might be totally unnecessary and a costly mistake…

Word is easy to use but unless you do this one thing before anything else your drawing won’t be accurate and your units won’t fit. - Learn how to set-up MS Word so that your drawing is millimetre accurate and easy to understand.

In only 30 minutes from now you could have the answers to all your kitchen design questions (and have your first plan drawn 15 minutes after that!)

Why leave the design of the best feature of your house to someone else when you can do it so much better yourself – after all, who’s going to be living with it?

Kitchen design is not a ‘black art’, known only to the select few – it’s actually a straightforward process that just requires you to measure the room and know what’s available to fit in the spaces. 


“Before reading your manual, I honestly wouldn’t have dreamt of planning my own kitchen.  But I read it out of curiosity, then thought “I could do this”.

I measured our kitchen (ours is just a simple rectangle shape), then browsed online for units and appliances and played around with some ideas.  We ended up settling on the second one I drew.  My sister’s even joked about hiring me to design hers!”

M. McDermott, Fife


“This is embarrassing to admit but I really thought I already knew what to do with our kitchen plan.  Only after my wife read your guide and pointed out my mistakes, did I realise a couple of problems with it, one of which was actually quite unsafe. I’ve now revised my plan and hoping to get started installing the units over the next couple of weeks”

M. Watson


What if you could design a kitchen at home, using nothing more than

Microsoft Word?

Then go straight to your supplier and order your kitchen confident in the knowledge that everything will fit.

Just one example of what can be done - a 'millimetre perfect' scale drawing ready for you to start installing from.

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Drawing kitchen plans with a pencil, paper and ruler is a pain and even worse if you have to make changes.  Now you can print it, email it, or change & update it as often as you please.  And the great thing is, you don't have to spend hours learning how to use complicated kitchen design software - drawing with Word is easy and there's every chance you have it on your PC already.

At last, a proven way to create detailed, highly accurate kitchen plans without a pencil & paper in sight!

Placed a base unit in the wrong place on your plan? No problem, just click it with your mouse and drag it. Wrong size? Just as easy, click the re-sizing handle and stretch it to the correct size.  Want to add other similar units but don’t want to have to redraw them? Easy - just select, then ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’. 

Drawing simple shapes

Setting up formatting options

All of these functions and many more are fully explained in the guide along with numerous photos, diagrams and screenshots.  So even if you've never used MS Word before - much less designed a kitchen plan with it - you'll be an expert in no time!

There's more...

Before I forget, I want to tell you about some BONUSES I've just added to the guide which I think you're going to like.


Bonus 1: Essential tips from a professional kitchen fitter.

Benefit from years of hard earned experience from a professional kitchen fitter who knows the short cuts, the work-arounds and the stuff you’ll never know until you do it yourself and make the mistakes.  Take the pain out of kitchen planning and get the advice you literally couldn’t buy.

Value: £200 – £300 (maybe more – mistakes are costly)


Bonus 2: Start-to-finish, step-by-step onscreen videos showing you how to create kitchen plans using MS Word

It’s all very well reading how to do something but sometimes it’s just so much easier to watch and listen as someone shows you the exact steps you have to follow.

Value: £17.00


Bonus 3: Free reprint rights to this ebook.

Many people could benefit from the knowledge contained in this guide.  If you publish an online newsletter or have a related blog or website you are granted the right to offer this publication to your readers.  I'll even supply you with a copy of this webpage for you to personalise and use on your own site.

Value: £47.00

This 45 page fully-illustrated guide with supporting video tuition would easily sell for £27 normally, but today you can download it for ... FREE.  At the end of the day, it's a good deal for both of us - you design your dream kitchen and (if you want us to)  we might get the opportunity to supply the units and appliances you need from our online store.


Yes, I want to take advantage of this offer because I've already wasted too many Sunday afternoons in DIY stores and too many evenings listening to pushy salesman who are only interested in their commissions.

I want the independence and satisfaction of creating my own dream kitchen and I reckon I’ll do just as good a job if not better and in a lot less time than many so-called kitchen designers.

I know that to get started all I have to do is read through Part 1 to learn all about kitchen layouts then go through the simple steps in Part 2 to discover how to put it all together with MS Word.

I can get started today and could even be ordering my units & appliances within a few days if I really wanted to.  On that basis, let me download my copy of “How to Design Your Perfect Kitchen in Just 15 Minutes Using Microsoft Word” now!


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Kitchen installation becomes straightforward when you approach it in logical steps - by the end of the week, you'll know how to do just that!

All the very best with your kitchen design,

Cut Price Kitchens Ltd

Cut Price Kitchens Ltd

P.S.  Just think how much you can save (or how much nicer your units or appliances could afford to be if you design and source yourself).  Even if you contract out the installation to a professional fitter it’ll still be cheaper than using a kitchen company out of the Phone Book.

P.P.S.  Remember I supply all the step-by-step instruction you need and if you watch the bonus videos you’ll be able to watch me put together a complete plan in just over 7 minutes! Just watch how I do it then do the same…


“Thank you for supplying your kitchen guide.  It was a real help to us.  Kitchen now in and looking fabulous. Thanks again.

John Fleming

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